FORMTRACER Avant D3000/4000 Series 525

  • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
  • Model: FTA-S4D3000, FTA-S4D4000, FTA-H4D3000, FTA-H4D4000, FTA-W4D3000, FTA-W4D4000, FTA-L4D3000, FTA-L4D4000, FTA-S8D3000, FTA-S8D4000, FTA-H8D3000, FTA-H8D4000, FTA-W8D3000, FTA-W8D4000, FTA-L8D3000, FTA-L8D4000
  • ORMTRACER Avant D3000/4000 series are highly functional and user-friendly surface roughness and contour measuring systems with innovative design features. Both surface roughness measurement and contour measurement are available on a single system just by replacing the detector.
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