Policies & Rules

This Terms of Service applies to all visitors to the website tinhha.com.vn. When customers visit, take actions and use services on the website tinhha.com.vn, you agree to our Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to change, edit, add or remove any part of these Terms of Service at any time. The changes take effect immediately after being posted on the website tinhha.com.vn without prior notice. As customers continue to visit the website tinhha.com.vn after the changes to the Terms of Service have been made, you have accepted such changes.

  1. General rules

– Customers visiting the website tinhha.com.vn should respect the copyright of the information posted on the website. It is strictly forbidden to copy the information and post it on other websites without permission of Tinh Ha Trading & Service Company Limited. In case customers wish to re-upload the contents on the website tinhha.com.vn, you need to reference the website tinhha.com.vn.

– It is strictly forbidden to use any part of the website tinhha.com.vn for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party without the written permission of TINH HA.

– All acts of destroying the website tinhha.com.vn are strictly forbidden. Any individual or organization that causes loss or damage to this website, directly or indirectly, must take the responsibility according to the law.

– When customers have provided information to us through the Hotline, Email and registration form on the website tinhha.com.vn, we understand that you have voluntarily shared your personal information with us and agree to be solely responsible for the content and information provided, and accept the Privacy Policy from Tinh Ha.

– The website tinhha.com.vn welcomes visitors at any age. In case visitors are under 18 years old and he/she causes any damage to the website tinhha.com.vn, the legal guardian of the person will be held accountable.

– It is strictly forbidden to leave comments or any content with indecent, reactionary, defamatory language on the website tinhha.com.vn.

  1. Refuse to guarantee

– We do not guarantee that the information about products, services and other content on the website tinhha.com.vn is 100% correct. Some product pictures, product technical information and product description may be different due to changes made by the manufacturer that we have not promptly changed on this website.

– Content on the website tinhha.com.vn can only be used to refer and learn about products. Content does not have value in the purchase process. All information relating to your transactions with Tinh Ha Co., Ltd is based on the information on our purchase contract with customers.

– We are not responsible for any data loss, or any damage to customers visiting the website tinhha.com.vn that is not our fault (For example, customers visit the website tinhha.com.vn using computers with spyware that steals data of visitors on the website).

  1. Legal rights

All terms, conditions and content posted on the website tinhha.com.vn are adjusted in accordance with the Vietnamese law. The competent authority in Vietnam will prosecute any illegal uses and damage acts to this website.

  1. Complaints and disputes

If you have any complaints and disputes about the contents on the website tinhha.com.vn, please contact us via mail tinhha@tinhha.vn. We always respect your rights and are willing to change the content if it is our fault.

  1. Contact information

We are responsible for the content posted on the website tinhha.com.vn. For any questions or issues related to this Terms of Service or any content on this website, please contact Tinh Ha Trading & Service Company Limited.
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