1. Object and scope of application

TINH HA Trading & Service Co., Ltd applies this shipping policy to all customers who buy products directly from TINH HA within the country.

  1. Form of delivery

Depending on the distance, product type and customer requirements, TINH HA will directly deliver the product to customer’s address or through a courier, as long as it’s convenient for both customers and TINH HA.

  1. Delivery fee

– Depending on each type of product, price, distance and form of delivery, delivery fee for customers can be free or charged.

– TINH HA always supports customers to minimize the arising shipping fees as much as possible. In case the orders don’t have free shipping and customers have to pay the delivery fee, we will inform customers in advance and we are willing to negotiate the most suitable fee for both parties.

– In case the order has been delivered to customer’s address as agreed at the time of purchase, but for some reason customer does not receive the order and request to return it, the customer must pay 100% return fee plus 100% delivery fee (if any) according to the regulations of TINH HA or the courier.

– Toll and any road charges, entrance fees and parking fees are paid by customers.

  1. Delivery time

– Delivery time will be determined according to the agreement between the customer and Tinh Ha Trading & Service Company Limited. Depending on the distance, product type and customer requirements, the product can be delivered within 24 hours or more.

– Before shipping, the forwarding department will contact customers in advance to confirm the specific delivery time and address.

– Orders can be delivered every day in the week (except Sunday, public holidays, or New Year holiday). If customers wish to receive orders on holidays, you should contact in advance to negotiate with TINH HA (additional shipping fees may be applied).

– In some objective cases, TINH HA may delay deliveries due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, vehicle is damaged on the delivery route, or any other problems during delivery.

  1. Responsibility for the orders

– We will take full responsibility for the orders if there is any damages caused by TINH HA staff during the delivery process, such as loss of products or damage to the products.

– In case the orders are delivered by the courier that is designated and selected by the customers, customers will be solely responsible for the risks associated with it, such as loss of products or damage to the products during the delivery process. Customers will be responsible for paying the delivery fees and accepting related losses.

– TINH HA only delivers the orders to the recipient that customers have registered when buying or as agreed before delivery. During the delivery process, if there is an unclear change of the recipient, TINH HA has the right to refuse to deliver and request customers to receive the orders at one of TINH HA branches locations.

– If necessary, TINH HA’s delivery staff is allowed to ask the recipient to show identification documents such as ID card, Citizen ID, Driver’s License or other documents. This is to identify whether the recipient has registered with TINH HA.

– In some cases, the delivery address is not clear, in small alleys, or in dangerous areas, mountainous areas, and areas with occasional traffic accidents, TINH HA reserves the right to refuse the delivery.

– Customers are responsible for checking the products when receiving the orders. If the wrong product is delivered, or the product is damaged, scratched, broken or distorted, customers must immediately take a photo of the product at the place of delivery, getting a signature of the delivery staff confirming the status of the product. At the same time, customers should immediately notify TINH HA via our Hotline or contact your direct salesman.

– As customers have signed on the delivery form without notes or comments about the products, TINH HA understands by default that customers have confirmed that you have no problem with the orders. Therefore, we are not responsible for any request to exchange and return products due to damage, scratches, breakage, deformation, or wrong product afterwards.

– As for products that are heavy or bulky, we recommend that customers rent forklifts or have people or vehicles to assist with the loading and unloading process to ensure the smooth delivery.

– Means of transportation (car, motorbike or other means of transport) are coordinated and arranged by TINH HA.

– If the expected delivery time is on special occasions or festivals when traffic is limited (for example, the road ban some vehicles), TINH HA will call customers to negotiate time and place of delivery.

  1. Contact for any problems that arise during delivery process

Any problem related to the delivery process from Tinh Ha Trading & Service Co., Ltd, please contact Hotline: (024) 6668-9888, 6668-8988 for assistance and support.