Product warranty is about fixing any defects or technical problems caused by the manufacturer. Below is the warranty policy applied to all products that customers buy at Tinh Ha Trading & Service Company Limited.

  1. Warranty regulations

– The product is free warranty if it is still under the warranty period which is calculated from the date of delivery. The warranty period is shown on the WARRANTY STAMP, WARRANTY CARD and follows the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical problems.

– Products must have a warranty card and warranty stamp that meets the regulations of Tinh Ha Trading & Service Company Limited (abbreviated name TINH HA CO., LTD) or of the manufacturer. In case the product does not have the series number on the warranty card, there must be a warranty stamp of TINH HA or the manufacturer.

– Depending on the product and the manufacturer, the warranty period and warranty regulations are different. Please read carefully the warranty card attached to each product when receiving products from TINH HA.

– Product is exchanged as long as the product is provided by TINH HA that meets the above warranty conditions. Also, they come with damage and problems caused by the manufacturing process that TINH HA confirms that they can not be repaired. At the same time, it must meet the exchange conditions of the manufacturer.

– TINH HA applies warranty policy to all customers who buy products from any TINH HA branch in the country.

– Warranty policy does not cover shipping and delivery fee.

  1. Regulations on stamps, warranty cards

– Warranty card is considered valid when it is issued by TINH HA and comes with the product. The card is stamped by Tinh Ha Trading & Service Company Limited. Warranty card form must be in accordance with Tinh Ha’s form. The card must not be torn, patched and the product code written by TINH HA on the warranty card must match the serial number of the product for which warranty is claimed (there is no sign of erasure or repair).

– A valid warranty stamp is the warranty stamp affixed by TINH HA to each product. It must not be punctured, torn, patched, double-stamped or show signs of being peeled or modified.

  1. Warranty time

– Warranty time is the time from when TINH HA receives products that need warranty from customers and performs product warranty until the process is completed.

– Product warranty time can be short or long depending on the amount of damage or problems, product type and warranty policy of each manufacturer.

  1. Địa điểm bảo hành

– Customers can claim warranty for products that TINH HA provides at one of the three TINH HA branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong. Information about TINH HA branches is available on the website: tinhha.com.vn.

  1. Non- warranty cases

– The product has passed the warranty period indicated on the warranty card or warranty stamp.

– No warranty stamp. Or warranty stamps are torn, broken, punctured, double-stamped or have signs of being peeled off and modified.

– Warranty card does not specify the date of purchase.

– The serial number on the product cannot be determined or it is different from the series number indicated on the warranty card or the product series number that is stored by TINH HA in the purchase and sale data.

– Products are arbitrarily dismantled or repaired by individuals or technicians who are not employees of TINH HA.

– Products are damaged or explode due to mechanical impact. Or any deformation, breakage, impact, scratches, distortion, damp, rust, leak due to subjective reasons of the product user.

– Products are damaged by fire, natural disaster, electric shock.

– Products show signs of damage caused by animals or insects.

– Products are damaged due to improper use and not following technical instructions or the wrong use of the prescribed voltage.

  1. Service after warranty

Products purchased from TINH HA will be repaired by TINH HA at favorable prices or supported to be repaired at the manufacturer even when the warranty period expires or are in non-warranty conditions. Repair time and cost depend on agreement between TINH HA and

  1. Contact, complaints about warranty service

Customers who need to claim warranty or have any questions, complaints about warranty issues, please contact TINH HA hotline (024) 6668-9888, 6668-8988 or email: tinhha@tinhha.vn.

Support time: 8:00 – 17:30, except Saturday, Sunday, holidays.