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The Four Main ZOLLER Tool Technologies

When it comes to tools, ZOLLER has a range of solutions to get the very best from them – day after day, job after job. Whether measuring the remaining hours of your tool or looking to store and manage it efficiently, ZOLLER tool solutions can transform your shop floor for the better. Tool Presetting Presetting […]

What is EDM Machining? A Beginner’s Guide

Although EDM (electrical discharge machining) is among the most recent metal processing methods, its earliest application began in the mid-1940s when it was used to remove broken taps and sheared-off bolts from valuable aluminum castings. Rapidly pulsing high-voltage electrical discharges (sparks) were passed across the gap between the electrode and the grounded workpiece, removing taps […]

How to Choose the Right Milling Cutter and Milling Method?

When selecting a milling cutter suitable for the machining task, various issues such as the geometry, size, and work piece material of the parts to be processed must be considered. Choosing a milling process Choosing the right milling tool, using rolling cutting in face milling, and using a milling cutter for hole machining when conditions […]

Adjusting Screws Are Not Just Simple Set Screws

As the title implies adjusting screws, also known as back-up screws, stop screws and preset screws, are not just a simple set screw. They are a screw with a purpose–three actually. The first is to provide a fixed stop for a cutting tool to rest against during tool changes. This allows an operator to save […]


We have certainly discussed anvil micrometers on the Higher Precision blog. But what about the slightly more obscure v-anvil micrometer? Well, it is time for the v-anvil micrometer to get a bit of the spotlight. This specialty tool provides precision in measurements when other tools just will not suffice. But we will get into that […]

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces the PJ-Plus Series Profile Projector

The Mitutoyo Profile Projector-Plus is a new series of profile projectors that utilize LED lighting and provides reliable measurements in manufacturing site environments. The Profile Projector-Plus provides stable dimension and angle measurements in harsher environments conventional models can’t handle, such as manufacturing and processing lines. Key features: LED illumination: Implementing LED vs. halogen lighting eliminates the […]

Tool Holder Maintenance Prevents Downtime

There are three particularly sensitive areas of the tool holder assembly that can experience process-affecting wear and tear and cause a cycle to change. By identifying and addressing issues early in these areas, you can prevent small tool holding imperfections from turning into bigger problems. You’ve got a brand new setup working on the floor. […]

T2500Z cermet grade for excellent machined surface quality

Cermets are titanium carbide-based (TIC, TiCN) hard metals, meaning a compound of ceramic particles in a metallic binder. Compared to tungsten carbide, cermet has better wear resistance and less tendency to build up cutting edges. Cermets, with titanium compound as the main component, have low affinity with iron, providing a glossy machined surface on ferrous […]

Understanding Types and Uses Collets

Many people, if approached on the street and asked for a definition of a collet, would likely develop a blank stare. Collets are integral parts of machining, and yet so many don’t know what they are or misrepresent them as chucks. What is a Collet? A collet is a form of chuck, but it is […]

What is a CMM machine? What are the different CMM types?

What is a CMM machine? A coordinate measuring machine, also known as a CMM, is a piece of equipment that measures the geometries of physical objects. CMMs using a probing system to detect discreet points on the surfaces of objects. The very first CMM made its appearance in the early 60s. Originally developed by Ferranti […]

How to Read and Use a Micrometer

Have you ever needed to make an extremely precise measurement? If you work in an industry that works with small parts or fittings, you more than likely have. There are many industries in which the measurement of a tool, pipe, valve or fitting must be near exact to avoid potentially dangerous problems. For these types […]

New subscription model offered with FARO CAM2 software

Latest release provides performance enhancements and new features including an updated statistical process control tool Lake Mary, Fla, March, 5, 2020 – FARO® Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) – FARO, a global leader in 3D measurement and imaging solutions, announces today the latest iteration of its CAM2® 2020 Software. The release includes a variety of performance […]

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