The Four Main ZOLLER Tool Technologies

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The Four Main ZOLLER Tool Technologies

When it comes to tools, ZOLLER has a range of solutions to get the very best from them – day after day, job after job.

Whether measuring the remaining hours of your tool or looking to store and manage it efficiently, ZOLLER tool solutions can transform your shop floor for the better.

Tool Presetting

Presetting tools is all but essential for your machine tooling efficiency. It saves time, staggers tasks, and optimises the expensive time in which your spindles are turning. Machines such as the Smile and the Venturion gather geometric tool data precisely with powerful optics and image processing. This data is gathered in a fraction of the time of traditional tool setting, and with accuracy down to the micron.

Tool data can be easily transferred from presetter to CNC machine. Using systems such as ZOLLER’s zidCodes – which are easily retrofitted – a QR coded label can be printed and scanned in, instantly populating the data fields with the relevant details. This eliminates human error whilst speeding up processes significantly. Users of zidCode can expect to save up to 45% of the time spent manually entering tool data.

Tool Inspection

Keeping tabs on tools is vital to ensure they don’t break or fail in the middle of a job. Inspection machines like the Genius and the smartCheck use precise illumination and optics to carefully measure tools. Vertical and horizontal dimensions, cutting edges, and more are easily and automatically obtained.

By using non-contact inspection, the risk of further damage to tools during inspection is eliminated. Incident lighting reveals every feature without the need for operator input. With intuitive software support, measurements can be stored in a library and outputted in easily readable formats. Fully prepare yourself before every job with the knowledge you need.

Tool Storage

Whilst not as active on the shop floor as an inspection and measuring machine, smart storage solutions cannot be underestimated. Time spent searching for tools is time effectively wasted. ZOLLER’s answers to tool storage keep tools safe and secure, easily retrievable from centralised locations with configurable installation options and an optional monitor for interfacing with TMS Tool Management Solutions.

The ZOLLER Tool Cart also allows for the safe transport of over 100 tools. Robust and flexible, the cart is suitable for hazardous environments and convenient for keeping essential parts in the vicinity of your working machines. Reduced downtime and convenience are more than the cost savings they present; they help engineers think and work with clarity, unburdened by stress and menial tasks that take away from their jobs.

Tool Management Solutions

TMS is available in three distinct levels – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – designed to grow with you and your business.

  • Bronze: ideal for small and medium-sized companies that require tool management. Tool data can be accessed at any time from a mobile device. Import data from well-known manufacturers to quickly and easily compile features, graphics, and more.
  • Silver: for warehouse management and wider oversight of your operations. Manage location of both stock and tools with graphic displays and the option of making warehouse entries. Item Statistics also provides an overview of the current costs scenario for your tools and the distribution of your consumption in individual cost centres.
  • Gold: maximises the efficiency of your tool management solutions. Users can evaluate and control costs with statistics on individual tools and orders, keeping them in an informed position. Manage tool life, re-sharpening processes, just-in-time tool purchasing, and much more.

ZOLLER’s tool management also extends to data transfer. As well as the aforementioned zidCode system, machine tools can utilise scannable DataMatrix codes and RFID chips, which are particularly useful for large businesses using a modern machine plant.

The Smart Future of Manufacturing

ZOLLER tool solutions optimise manufacturing and engineering shop floors to their very best, compressing time-consuming tasks and getting the most return on investment. With tools in traceable locations and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, your Industry 4.0-ready workspace is in a prime position to get ahead of the competition.