In the past three days, from 12 to 14 October, Tinh Ha’s booth welcomed hundred of visitors and successfully made a lot of deals and agreements with large enterprises at exhibition and conference on machine tools, precision mechanics, and metalworking (MTA Hanoi 2022). Following the success of previous exhibitions, the booth of Tinh Ha Trading […]

Adjusting Screws Are Not Just Simple Set Screws

As the title implies adjusting screws, also known as back-up screws, stop screws and preset screws, are not just a simple set screw. They are a screw with a purpose–three actually. The first is to provide a fixed stop for a cutting tool to rest against during tool changes. This allows an operator to save […]

DM70 – HPMT’s latest High-Performance series for Mould & Die applications

DM70 – HPMT’s latest High-Performance series for Mould & Die applications. Materials with higher hardness are being used more frequently in the 21st century. As a result, there is a greater demand for tools with aggressive machining capabilities and higher tool wear resistance. Introducing the DM70 – with cutting-edge tooling solutions designed specifically for Mould […]

Mitutoyo releases its CNC Vision Measuring System “Quick Vision Pro series” with improved measurement throughput and usability

Mitutoyo Corporation (headquarters: Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City, Japan; President: Yoshiaki Numata) launches the full-remodeled CNC Vision Measuring System “Quick Vision Pro” in May 2021. Since its release, the CNC Vision Measuring System has been used in a wide variety of industries such as semiconductor, electronic device, automobile, medical, and precision mechanical parts industries. The demand […]

BIG KAISER Offers Largest, Longest Mill Holders Yet with Smart Damper Vibration Control

Hoffman Estates, IL – BIG KAISER has expanded its lineup of Smart Damper-equipped, arbor-style face mill holders. This new holder is the largest and longest milling tool BIG KAISER has offered yet. It supports face mills with diameters of 3″, 4″, 80mm or 100mm with an arbor pilot diameter of either 1″ or 27mm. The […]

T2500Z cermet grade for excellent machined surface quality

Cermets are titanium carbide-based (TIC, TiCN) hard metals, meaning a compound of ceramic particles in a metallic binder. Compared to tungsten carbide, cermet has better wear resistance and less tendency to build up cutting edges. Cermets, with titanium compound as the main component, have low affinity with iron, providing a glossy machined surface on ferrous […]

FARO Launches All-New Quantum Max FaroArm with Multiple Laser Line Probes

Lake Mary, FL, July 7, 2021 – FARO® Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO), a global leader of 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions for the 3D Metrology, AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), and Public Safety Analytics markets, today announced the release of its all-new Quantum Max ScanArm, the most advanced portable measurement tool that features three […]

What is a CMM machine? What are the different CMM types?

What is a CMM machine? A coordinate measuring machine, also known as a CMM, is a piece of equipment that measures the geometries of physical objects. CMMs using a probing system to detect discreet points on the surfaces of objects. The very first CMM made its appearance in the early 60s. Originally developed by Ferranti […]

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