Development and Sales of the New High-feed Cutter SEC-Sumi Dual Mill™ DMSL series for High Efficiency Roughing

Posted by: Tinh HàCategory: NewsTime: 26/07/2023

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Osamu Inoue, hereafter “our company”) has developed a new high-feed cutter SEC-Sumi Dual Mill™ DMSL series for high efficiency roughing, with the cutter body and insert (General-purpose G type Chipbreaker) for sale from March 2023, and the Low Cutting Force L type and Strong Edge H type Chipbreakers for sale from May 2023.

In recent years, GX (green transformation) has become a hot topic in the automotive and other industry sectors, leading to increased demands for tools specialized for high efficiency machining which can reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions.

In response to these needs, our company has developed the new SEC-Sumi Dual Mill™ DMSL series. While the DMSW series, available from June 2021 on, has a lineup of cutters from ø40 to 160mm, the DMSL series has a minimum diameter of ø16mm. This lineup of diverse diameters is applicable to various machining applications in fields including automobiles, aerospace, industrial machinery and molding.

sumitomo DMSL

1. Features

(1) Supports high-efficiency machining with ultra-high-feeds and large depths of cut
The complex arc-shaped cutting edge enables optimal cutting angles suited to the axial depth of cut; maximum 3.5mm/t ultra-high-feed machining is realised in areas where depths of cut cannot be increased, and over 1.5mm/t machining with large depths of cut in areas with low feed rates.

(2) Stable long tool overhang machining
Small cutting angle controls cutting resistance towards the back force direction. This enables stable machining without chatter even with long tool overhang.

(3) Realises excellent surface roughness even in ultra-high-feed machining
The complex arc-shaped cutting edge works like a wiper edge to suppress severe deterioration of the machined surface finish even during ultra-high-feed machining.

2. Lineup

(1) Body: Total of 44 Cat. Nos.
・Diameter ø40 to 50mm (Shell type) : Total 6 Cat. Nos.
・Diameter ø16 to 35mm (Shank type) : Total 23 Cat. Nos.
・Diameter ø16 to 32mm (Modular) : Total 15 Cat. Nos.

(2) Insert: Total of 21 Cat. Nos.
・General-purpose G type Chipbreaker
(Grades: ACU2500, XCU2500, ACP2000, ACP3000, ACK2000, ACK3000, XCS2000, ACS2500, ACS3000)
・Low Cutting Force Chipbreaker L type
(Grades: ACU2500, ACP2000, ACP3000, XCS2000, ACS2500, ACS3000)
・Strong Edged H type Chipbreaker
(Grades: ACU2500, ACP2000, ACP3000, XCS2000, ACS2500, ACS3000)