DM70 – HPMT’s latest High-Performance series for Mould & Die applications

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DM70 – HPMT’s latest High-Performance series for Mould & Die applications.


Materials with higher hardness are being used more frequently in the 21st century. As a result, there is a greater demand for tools with aggressive machining capabilities and higher tool wear resistance.

Introducing the DM70 – with cutting-edge tooling solutions designed specifically for Mould & Die industry applications. HPMT in-house R&D team discovered that a tighter tolerance gives higher eccentricity and concentricity levels. It allows the tool to deliver higher precision & more efficient machining when placed under the production line. Combined with cutting tool techniques such as Differential Helix for reducing chatter; The DM70 is a tool capable of better output in machining efficiency.

Brand-new improvised Coating Formula, the B0909+ is made with almost 20% lower RA Measure. With a higher silicon content, the coating has a higher hardness while also improving the tool’s abrasive wear resistance and heat resistance. This allows the tool to increase machining speed when cutting materials >50HRC.

The DM70 is crafted out of Ultra-Fine Grain Cemented Carbide (UF+), which has increased overall toughness, strength, and edge retention. This creates an excellent performance in machining high hardness and gives the tool higher durability for material removal rates (MRR). This is then paired with our Cutting Edge Preparation techniques to give the tool a much longer tool life and reduces the risk of the tool chipping.

HPMT’s DM70 Mould & Die Series comes in 16 different cutting tools, with diameters ranging from 0.1 – 20. (stocks subjected to availability).

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